Professor Ricardo Izquierdo to issue “Le Code Chastenay”

Professor Ricardo Izquierdo at Le code Chastenay magazine

Professor Ricardo Izquierdo, of NanoQAM and the Département d’informatique de UQAM, has participated to the science magazine Le code Chastenay broadcast on September 29 at 20pm on Télé-Québec. He was interviewed for a documentary entitled “The laboratory on a chip: a reality soon!”.

A laboratory analysis no bigger than a coin … the lab on a chip a reality! Imagine: a miniature laboratory, without technician or equipment of all kinds and capable of providing analytical results in record times. The lab small as a postage stamp or coin would significantly speed up the diagnosis of infections. It is the dream of many researchers from here, who are in the global race to miniaturize the scientific laboratory. That is what we call the lab on a chip. With these miniature labs, it could be possible to perform on-site analysis of samples of air, water or soil contamination and identify contaminants in seconds!

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