Professor Mohamed Siaj publication in Physical Review Letters

A work carried out by a four professors (Thomas Szkopek, Guillaume Gervais, Richard Martel and Mohamed Siaj) inter-disciplinary (chemistry, physics, electrical engineering) inter-university (McGill, UdeM, UQAM), and also inter-regrouping (RQMP / CQMF) team, have just been published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

This research focuses on the results of their study on the quantum Hall effect in hydrogenated graphene.

Quantum Hall Effect in Hydrogenated Graphene : The quantum Hall effect is observed in a two-dimensional electron gas formed in millimeter-scale hydrogenated graphene, with a mobility less than 10  cm2/V·s and corresponding Ioffe-Regel disorder parameter (kFλ)-1≫1. In a zero magnetic field and low temperatures, the hydrogenated graphene is insulating with a two-point resistance of the order of 250h/e2. The application of a strong magnetic field generates a negative colossal magnetoresistance, with the two-point resistance saturating within 0.5% of h/2e2 at 45 T. Our observations are consistent with the opening of an impurity-induced gap in the density of states of graphene. The interplay between electron localization by defect scattering and magnetic confinement in two-dimensional atomic crystals is discussed.

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