Systems conception and architectures



Green chimistry


  • Integrated optical telecommunication devices
    Our laboratory is collaborating on many initiative aimed at developing novel integrated optical devices that take advantages of the standardize silicon photonic fabrication processes now commercially available. In collaboration with ...
  • Nonlinear optical waveguides
    All optical processing of telecommunication signals is advantageous since it is transparent to modulation format and transmission speed. Furthermore, it enables parallel processing of multiple data streams. However, despite numerous ...
  • On-chip Optical Interconnect
    Multi-core chips are now common and, as they continue to scale up, processors will become the equivalent of a computer cluster on a single die. Therefore, high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnects ...
  • Integrated OCT Systems
    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high resolution non-invasive medical imaging technique that allows physicians to observe down to 3 millimetres inside a living tissue. The technique has been adopted ...
  • Mechanically adjustable micro-cavity laser
    The introduction of advanced services in data centers, such as cloud computing and virtualisation, is increasing the transmission speed requirement between users and computing facilities. One emerging scheme to satisfy ...

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