The CoFaMic research center provides characterization and analysis services by making available its infrastructure and equipment. to other academic institutions and industrials.

The research infrastructure, located in the University of Quebec at Montreal, is not only opened to members of CoFaMic, but also to everyone interested in using it. It is constituted of several laboratories, each regrouping a series of state-of-the-artand routine instruments which can be used to fabricate and characterize of microelectronic, micromecanic and solar devices. The objective of CoFaMic is to unite this impressive list of equipment under a single banner, using a centralized administration. The concentration of the equipments in common spaces will foster the generation of new partnerships, and favor the growth of CoFaMic. It will also facilitate the use of the infrastructure by all users, being academic or industrial. These instruments are hosted into theses laboratories which are all administered by CoFaMic :

Pricing for universities

  • Equipment usage UQAM: 20$ / hour *
  • Equipment usage outside of UQAM: 30$ / hour *
  • Services of a technician : 30$ / hour *
  • Clean room access 5$ *

Pricing for industries

  • Equipment usage : 75$ / hour *
  • Services of a technician : 30$ / hour
  • 15% administrative costs


Systèmes d’impression

Ces équipements permettent d’effectuer des impressions de dimension micro ou nanométriques, direct ou indirect (masques) de nanomatériaux organiques, inorganiques ou hybrides.

  • Imprimante de Matériaux (DMP 2800)
  • Imprimante de matériaux par Jet Aérosol (OPTOMEC AJ300)
  • Microscope à Force Atomique / Nanolithographie “Dip-Pen” (Nscriptor)

Système de micro-fabrication (salle blanche)

L’ensemble de ces équipements permet d’effectuer de la micro-fabrication et de la fabrication de PCB.

  • Lithographie – Aligneuse de Masques Optique (Hydralign Series 2000)
  • Système de dépôt du parylene (Labcoter 2 (PDS 2010))
  • Évaporateur thermique (N/A)
  • Évaporateur thermique en boîte à gants
  • Système de nettoyage au plasma (PICO)
  • Profilometer (PRM), Bruker, Dektak XT
  • Van der Pauw method (4-points) (4TS), Lucas Lab, S-302

Système de fabrication de PCB

  • Graveur de circuits imprimés (ProtoMat S63)
  • Ligne de fabrication de circuits imprimés (RLM419P/HELLAS/JET34D/NECUT/FAVORIT/VARIODRILL)
  • Imprimante pour photolithographie (FILMSTAR)

Mesures et tests électroniques

  • MSO71254C Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Tektronix
  • HYBOND Wire Bonder, HYBOND
  • E5061B – Agilent ENA Series Network Analyzer, Agilent Technologie
  • EP6 Casacade Probe Station
  • N5183A Agilent MXG Analog Signal Generator
  • N5225A Agilent PNA Network Analyzer
  • N9030A Agilent PXA Signal Analyzer

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